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Back row, L to R. Need ID, Sp4 Sam Wiggins, Sp4 Jerry Marien, Sp4 Louie Rodriques,
Sgt. Ken Misner, Sgt. Jerry Carter and his pet Monkey
Front, L to R, Pfc. Jackson, SSgt. Bill Ryerson, Sgt Rich Valentini,dog Chris,
Sgt Barry Childree, Sp4 Howie Deonovich and Sgt. Kemock with his dog Judy. 
Cpt. Father George Gudz
Post Chaplain
Camp Holloway, 1971
Captain Gudz at one of the many parties at the Mortar Pits.
This was where we kept our two
generators that supply elec. to
the Mortar Pits and the
Fire Direction Center.
You can see part of the tower
at the Flight Line.
Holloway, 1971
L to R. Sgt. Jerry Carter, Sgt. Rich Valentini,
Need ID, Sgt. Kemock and our dog Chris
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